Software developed and programmed by Bernd DEGEN

Installation of programme SGS

Extract the file "". You start the setup procedure with double mouse click on the file "setup.exe". Close all other Windows programs before starting the setup. After successful setup the program "Spatial Genetic Software" will be added to your program list.

Data sets
After installation you will find in the program directory files with examples for each category of analysable data:
- allele frequencies of different populations: "Test_Allele_Frequencies.txt"
- multilocus-genotypes of different individuals: "Test_Multilocus_Genotypes.txt"
- quantitative traits of different individuals: "Test_Quantitative_Trait.txt"
- RAPDs of different individuals: "Test_RAPDs.txt"

Note: Updated SGS !!!

Recently two "bugs" have been identified in the program code. They have been fixed in the new version of SGS. The bugs had an impact on the calculation of the genetic distances (Gregorius 1978) among genotypes of individuals and on the number of  pairs computed per distance class. I checked for a few data sets the differences between the results with the former and the recent version of the program. For bigger data sets there were only little differences. In the tested cases the expansion of significant spatial structure were not affected but the mean genetic distances became smaller.

For users that have already installed SGS, I recommend to download the "" file. After extraction of the zip file you get the file "SGS.exe". You just need to replace the older version of this file by the new one. In most cases this file is located in the directory "Program files/Spatial Genetic Software/".

Viewing the manual

The manual is available as pdf-file (see below).

  Download now, it's free! 

Please use the programme WinZip for extraction of the zip-files and use Acrobat Reader for the pdf-file!

Last updated 22/05/2006  by Bernd Degen